Debea Database Access Library

Debea is an Object Relational Mapping library (ORM) for C++. It allows you to map C++ objects to relations in various SQL and file databases.

By removing hand-written SQL queries (or csv file parsing) for serialization of C++ objects you can speed-up development of applications that needs to store and load their data in SQL or other database formats. Another positive side effect of using this library is that you will always have database schema strictly related to C++ logical model.

See DebeaFeatures to learn more about Debea functionality.

Library is using plug-in architecture for various SQL RDBMS support and provides one, simple interface for query processing and object serialization.

There is a wrapper for wxWidgets that replaces original dba API with wx-friendly version of it. You can learn more about it on WxDba dedicated page.

Starting points

InstallationInstructions - how to compile and install C++ library
DebeaFeatures - list of Debea features
QuickStart - quick example of library usage
DebeaSupport - faq, mailing lists, etc
DebeaDownload - download section

For a complete list of local wiki pages, see TitleIndex.


22.10.2010 Debea 1.4.2 released
The 1.4.2 release is available in Download section. This release fixes NULL handling when using dba::SQL.

15.03.2010 Debea 1.4.1 released
The 1.4.1 release is available in Download section. This release fixes memory corruption with multiple inheritance and wrong return value of IStream::get.

25.02.2010 Debea 1.4.0 released
The 1.4.0 release is available in Download section. This release is considered as first stable version with new SQL API interface.

14.11.2009 Debea 1.3.0 released
New 1.3.0 release is available in Download section. Major new features are:

  • API for constructing and sending parametrized SQL statements
  • Limited support for XML format

This is first release candidate for next stable version 1.4.0 that is planned for next week. Please report any problems with upgrading from 1.2.x series other that mentioned in Changelog file.

21.10.2009 Discussion groups moved
Debea discussion group was moved to They handle spam better than old list does. You can subscribe here.

13.10.2009 Added reCaptcha verification to registration page
This should hopefully stop ticket spammers. Sorry for email verification messages that you might receive when trac was upgraded.

02.07.2009 Wiki editing is prohibited for annonymous users from now
Due to lot of wiki valdalism that was reverted last months, now wiki pages can be edited only by registered users. Read only attribute from main page was removed. If you want to edit any of debea pages, please register first.

29.01.2009 Debea 1.2.6 released
This release fixes compilation errors for gcc 4.3

09.11.2008 Debea 1.2.5 released
This release fixes compilation errors for gcc 4.1 and memory leaks in ODBC driver

23.07.2008 Doxygen API Documentation is now searchable

22.05.2008 Debea 1.2.4 released
This release fixes compilation errors for gcc 3.4 and 4.x

15.05.2008 Mailing list is up again

12.05.2008 Mailing list is down
Due to filesystem corruption mailman lists (including debea) are down. Expected repair date is 19.05.2008. Until then for any questions please contact me directly at [ lm at ]

17.04.2008 Debea 1.2.3 released
This release fixes handling of null values in CSVOStream and corrects decimal separator conversion in dba::Double filter

06.04.2008 Debea 1.2.2 released
This release fixes Storeable objects with NULL root table name handling in CSVOStream and DST date problem in ODBC driver and MSSQL 2005

16.02.2008 Debea 1.2.1 released
This release fixes wrong license info encoded in plugins and version returned by unix config scripts. Released packages are available in DebeaDownload section.

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